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Specializing in Tropical Art

Somebody asked me 

  “ Where do I get my inspiration to do my Artwork ? “


“There is a room inside my mind - the room has these two huge windows that have these curtains always flowing with a ocean breeze. The walls are painted in these pastels colors.


Best of all inside the room there is a bartender and he is always waiting for me to come in with some unusual request.


He has known me for a long time I may sneak a visit early in the morning or late night or at some odd moment when he least expects it.


 All I know is that he makes these really cool mixes of landscapes, thrown in with some awesome music and a little bit of sun or moon. There may be a red-orange sunset or a blue/green ocean.


Sometimes out of nowhere comes this girl wearing a tropical dress or sometimes people dancing or they will sit with me and just laugh and stare back at me with these honey colored eyes and feathers in their hair..


When I least expect it, a beautiful bird or a flower may land in my lap as I sit and relax in my room but that of course is the splash of surprises that when he blends them all of together, the mix is complete.  Suddenly I crack a smile and my arm begins to move my fingers shake with joy and out comes my Art work.

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